Cloud Optimized Dedicated VPS Hosting

Unlike traditional hosting, our whole infrastructure is cloud-based. Every server is self-healing. If any hardware fails, your site will be moved to a new cloud hardware stack and be back online in seconds — Automatically.

What is a Cloud Server?

FLEXIBILITY — Simply put, a cloud server is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosted on our secure, highly redundant Canadian public cloud hosting platform.

You can stop worrying about making large up-front investments in buying hardware that you don’t really need right now, but that you might grow into later. Our cloud servers give you all the benefits of your own dedicated server, and can be easily scaled up or down as your needs change on a moment’s notice.

With pay-as-you-grow pricing, start small and we can scale up as fast as you need to.

Linux Cloud VPS

Full Root Access

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Windows Cloud VPS

Full Administrator Access

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Managed Cloud VPS

Fully Managed and Monitored

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